Direct Care Connect (DCC)

Poltys Direct Care Connect™ (DCC) is a wireless nurse call alert and personal emergency response system for the entire range of eldercare and senior living.

DCC replaces caregiver pagers or walkie-talkie radios, and eliminates the overhead paging, speeding up the overall response time by prioritizing alarm notifications for proper response,

DCC allows caregivers to call back the resident instead of walking to him/ her room.

DCC components integrate into a variety of healthcare communication systems to create efficient and secure responses to medical alerts.


  • Alarm escalation on multiple levels
  • Can escalate to a mix of devices: Android Mobile Devices, PBX extensions, and phone numbers for remote working medical staff
  • Schedule reports to be printed out/ sent to Email with recurrence
  • Hands-free operation - Text-to-Speech and spoken commands to handsets
  • Broadcast (paging) voice messages
  • Caregiver collaboration via Push-to-Talk messages
Flexible Deployments
  • DCC can be deployed in Panasonic PBX-based or PBX-free environments
  • DCare Mobile client may be used in mixed deployments along with any kind of Panasonic PBX wireless terminals
How Does DCC Improve My Facility?
  • Increased Mobility: Caregivers can receive alerts no matter where they are in your building
  • Shorter wait times: Use reports to improve caregiver response time
  • Proactive Monitoring: Administrators and/or owners can be notified by email or text message if a call for help is not answered
  • Atmosphere: No noisy bells means a more home-like environment for residents
  • Market Your Community: Show incoming families how good your caregiving services are
Target Customers
  • Nursing Homes
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Independent Living Facilities
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Senior Housing Facilities
  • Small Hospitals


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