Appointment Reminder

  • Reduce your no-shows
  • Substantially reduces wasted office hours
  • Frees your staff of repetitive work and allows them to focus on more important duties
  • Cut your cost of making an appointment reminder call in half
  • Free your staff to take on other office responsibilities
  • Eliminate the need to purchase any hardware
  • Call your customers multiple times a day until the call is answered
  • Eliminate the need to overbook
  • Provide multiple messages such as new patient instructions, pre-procedure instructions, well-child exams, etc.
  • Provide a daily comprehensive report of all customer confirmations made
  • Customize messages to fit your practice
  • Call your Customers one day, two days, or even up to a week in advance
  • Provide you the best price in the industry
  • Saves time and labor costs



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