New Products and Features

Poltys Direct Care Connect (DCC) continues its success story worldwide.

The new Poltys DCC Talk mobile application sends voice alarms recorded at runtime (Walkie-Talkie mode) and text alarms using the mobile device.
Voice and text alarms are received by mobile Care Points predefined in DCC.
Text alarms are simultaneously displayed and played back by Text-to-Speech engine on the caregiver mobile device.
Caregiver may accept, reject, or call a predefined phone number by either spoken commands or tapping specific buttons on mobile device.

Since Contact Centers want to increase the productivity per Agent they have employed, they monitor the time which is spent by an Agent to talk to a prospective Customer.

So, when the Agents are provided with a database and asked to call to various prospects, it is noticed that the effective time spent in talking to the customers is very low as many calls are not picked up, answered by fax machines, busy etc. Therefore, the Agents spend more time dialing numbers than actually talking.

Moreover, do you need to conduct multiple outbound campaigns simultaneously?

Poltys Outbound Dialer is the solution for all these needs.

Key Features

  • Centralized repository of the calling list.
  • Import of calling list from CSV files.
  • The Customer phone number is dialed when the number of calls that are waiting in the ICD group queue is less then a predefined threshold.
  • When customer is connected, a greeting is played, with option to transfer to a live person.
  • The call gets transferred to the predefined ICD group.
  • The customer contact info pops up after the call got connected to the agent.
  • Different greetings can be presented to customers based on type of campaign.
  • Multiple outbound campaigns can be conducted simultaneously.

Sometimes your customers forget about their appointments, which cost you revenue, causes disruptions in your schedule, and hurts your professional relationship. If you could give all of your clients notifications prior to their appointments, that would increase revenue and increase customer satisfaction. But who has that time?

You can now fix your no show problem using Poltys Appointment Reminder which is an automatic solution that places outbound calls, send SMS and/ or Emails in order to deliver specific appointment information to each customer.

New Features
Support for SMS notifications

  • The customer receives a SMS instead of Text-to-Speech notifications call
  • GSM data modem or WEB SMS portal support

Support for E-mail notifications

  • The user receives an Email instead of Text-to-Speech notification call

Support for pre-recorded wave files

  • The user hears a pre-recorded wave file instead of Text-to-Speech notification message
  • Text-to-Speech notification messages and pre-recorded wave files can be combined and presented one after the other to the customer

Poltys helps the Contact Center agents to increase their efficiency and improve customer satisfaction by introducing a new productivity tool that smoothly integrates with Microsoft Outlook 2012 and 2013.

The Microsoft Outlook 2010/ 2013 Agent Toolbar provides the agents with direct dialing from Outlook contact form or from the Email message itself with just a mouse click.

Moreover, the incoming calls automatically pops up the right Outlook contact based on the received Caller ID.

Poltys sells its Contact Center solution worldwide. Unfortunately, not all of the regional telephony service providers supply the Caller ID in the standard format. For example, some operators do provide the Caller ID preceded by country code, some ones don’t.

The issue may affect the availability of contact pop up feature when the Caller ID does not strictly match the information stored in contact database.

Poltys resolved the glitch gracefully: the Caller ID is not searched in the database for coincidence, but for likeness. Therefore, both cases are solved and the contact information pops up for all operators, no matter how the Caller ID is supplied.

Poltys enlarged its geographical presence by making available the Contact Center agent productivity tool to native French, German, and Russian customers.

Do you want to be in control of operational costs related to outbound call campaigns? Poltys has the right solution for this struggle and it has been included in the CCView and CCAccounting products.

How it Works

  • You can configure PIN and budget limit for each user of the PBX system, e.g. Ext 120 – PIN 2233 – $140,
    Ext 144 – PIN 4453 – $200, etc.
  • The accumulated call cost for each user is determined based on the outgoing call durations and the predefined charges of each telephony service provider that is selected at calling time
  • Each user needs to enter the PIN code before making outgoing call.
  • If the user budget is exceeded, the current call gets disconnected and no further outgoing calls are possible.

Poltys has strengthened its CRM systems portfolio the CCAgent product integrates with. Customers can now take advantage of direct pop-up screens from the following CRM systems:

  • ACT! Premium v16, non web-based version
  • ADP
  • NetSuite
  • vTiger (Open Source)

Moreover, Poltys offers direct integration services with the following SQL databases upon customer request:

  • Oracle SAP
  • IBM DB2
  • MS SQL Server

Poltys CCView and CCAccounting provide new report templates that enable customers getting deeper visibility into their Contact Center activity.

  • CO Call Log Summary Report – summarize the entire call activity of the Contact Center providing a quick  view of the call traffic
  • CO Call Log Notes Report – present detailed information about the call activity of the Contact Center including agent Notes fields that may be filled in with useful information about the calls by Contact Center supervisors
  • Agent Based Call Log Summary Report - summarize the entire call activity of the Contact Center providing a quick  view of the call traffic from the agent perspective
  • Agent Based Call Log Notes Report - present detailed information about the call activity of the Contact Center form the agent perspective including agent Notes fields that may be filled in with useful information about the calls by Contact Center supervisors
  • Call Analysis Report – special report designed to measure the agent productivity and customer satisfaction by metrics like Speed of answer (0-60 sec, 60-120 sec etc), Abandon rate, Longest wait before abandon, and Average talk time. You can select the metrics of your choice from the total of 19.
  • Agents Break Report - present detailed information about the agent break reasons and their durations broken down by days.

Poltys continuously recognizes the valuable feedback received from customers and consequently integrates it in the right product at once.

For instance, you can now split the outbound call activity by regional areas.

CCView and CCAccounting products provide a new Area report/ call log field that presents the regional area corresponding to the dialed number prefix (area code) used in outbound calling.

The Area field can be included or used as group/ filter field in the reports.

Poltys added more flexibility when filtering call information for the reports provided by CCView and CCAccounting products.

You can now define composite filter criteria at a glance, such as: find all call records that have Agent=”John Doe” AND (Caller ID is like 805% OR Caller ID is like 864%"), where % means any sequence of characters,  of any length. The filter returns all calls received by the specified agent which have any Caller ID starting with 805 or 864.

If you run a Contact Center Outsourcing business, you definitely want to secure the confidential information of your customers presented in their call activity reports.

Poltys CCView and CCAccounting products let you hide with a click the filter information in the reports that may contain private customer references. This way, the reports are clean of confidential data, do not interfere with each other and they can be safely distributed to the respective customers.

Poltys understands the necessity of obtaining the desired information as quickly as possible in a world where business processes are carried out with speed increasingly higher.

CCView and CCAccounting products now take advantage of powerful Microsoft SQL Server Express 2012 database engine.

The new database engine allows the users to store up to 25 millions of calls (i.e. 10GB of disk storage) into a single repository, meaning 2.5 times more than the previous version.

Also, the response time for generating reports or searching the call logs significantly decreased, providing more efficiency of business processes.



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