Outbound Dialer

No More Delays and Headaches

Since Contact Centers want to increase the productivity per Agent they have employed, they monitor the time which is spent by an Agent to talk to a prospective Customer. So, when the Agents are provided with a database and asked to call to various prospects, it is noticed that the effective time spent in talking to the customers is very low as many calls are not picked up, answered by fax machines, busy etc. Therefore, the Agents spend more time dialing numbers than actually talking.

That is why many outbound call centers employ dialers that automatically dials the phone numbers on behalf of the agents, to increase their efficiency.

Driving successful telemarketing and telesales activities demands the integration of market-leading outbound dialer technology. Our outbound dialer solution allows you to guide your leads through our active loader. Once your agents log on, they can immediately begin connecting with customers by answering their calls. Our solution ensures eliminating the delays, headaches, and costs.

Blending Calls Efficiently

Call blending gives the ability to deliver both inbound and outbound calls seamlessly to the Agent, regulating outbound call volume based on inbound traffic. When inbound traffic is low, outbound calls are automatically generated for a specified campaign. When inbound traffic picks up, the dialer dynamically slows the number of outgoing calls to meet the inbound service level. The outcome includes increased agent productivity, streamlined staffing, and improved customer service.

Effective Answering and Fax Machines Detection

Contact Centers no longer need to waste time on answering machines or facsimile devices while outbound calling. Immediate detection ensures the dialer moves on to the next number.

Outbound Dialer Pro

Poltys Outbound Dialer Pro is the most powerful calling solution that dials the Customer phone number and transfers him/ her to a predefined ICD group in order to connect to an Agent as soon as possible. The dialing decision is based on the availability the ICD group members.

The calling list is shared between all ICD group members defined in the system .

The threshold that triggers the outgoing call is based on the number of calls existing in the predefined ICD group. The call is initiated if that threshold is greater than the number of calls waiting in the queue. A pop-up screen displays when the customer is connected to the Agent that allows modifying Customer related fields during the conversation.

Poltys Outbound Dialer Pro takes advantage of powerful Poltys SIP IVR engine, requiring supplementary SIP extension ports in the IP-PBX.

Outbound Dialer Pro works standalone.

Key Features

  • Centralized or Agent-based customer database with optional schedule for each destination recipient
  • Multiple outbound campaigns simultaneously conducted
  • Dial the customers phone numbers one by one as soon as the number of calls in the predefined ICD group queue is less or equal than a predefined threshold
  • Answering machines or facsimile devices detection
  • Busy or no answer numbers are retried
  • Import contact lists to be called from CSV files
  • Agents are presented with pop-up screen that displays Customer information
  • Multilanguage Text-to-Speech support
  • High scalability


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