Call Center Agent

Poltys has developed a cost effective agent productivity solution to help you manage your incoming calls and customer information easily using screen pops.

Computer telephony integration (CTI) and screen pop are essential in providing customer information to agents, enabling them to deliver the ultimate customer service experience. When the call is presented to an agent, CCAgent attaches specific customer data obtained from from internal or external databases, or from third-party CRM providers.

Using CTI and screen pop creates a superior customer interaction where your customers are not asked to repeat information as they transition from automated systems to agents or when they are transferred from one agent to another.

CCAgent works standalone using its internal customer database or can integrate with external CRMs.

Poltys offers direct integration services with Salesforce, 1st party TAPI CRM, Generic SQL, and Generic web-based CRM.

Custom CRM integration available – please, contact our sales team for confirming any specific CRM integration at or +1 (864) 642-6103.

Integration methods used by Poltys:

  • WEB interface
  • Standard integration interface exposed by CRM system
  • Direct access to the CRM database
  • Custom developed interface exposed by proprietary CRM system

You can further improve on the call center solution by adding other features such as an Integrated Voice Reponses Unit (IVR), which can be totally customize to fit any environment.

Whether your business is a law firm, medical facility, alarm company or any business that hold security in high regards, Poltys’ Recording Solution will help you secure recordings of all those important calls, with easy access to call reports that can be archived or easily emailed to multiple email addresses.


CCAgent Features
  • Compatible with Panasonic KX-TDA/TDE/NCP/NS/NSX IP-PBX series
  • Click and dial from any Windows aplication
  • Agent screen pop for quick customer identification
  • Provide basic and advanced telephony control: Make Call, Answer Call, End Call, Hold/ Un-hold, Blind Transfer
  • Start/ stop call recording for PCI DSS compliance
  • Instant messaging
  • Customer information repository
  • Present Queue Information
  • Provide Other Agents Status
  • Agent Activity Logging
  • Compatible with Citrix thin client environment


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