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There are many reasons you may be needing a call recording service. Internal policies may have changed within the company, government regulations may be in effect, or you may be looking to increase the business bottom line.

Poltys CCRecord delivers a non-intrusive call recording solution over trunks and/ or extensions that allows you to record what you need, when you need it.

Key User Benefits

  • Dispute Resolution - Calls can be found quickly and an extract of the call can be emailed to a client to confirm contract details
  • Compliance Demonstration - It is quick and easy to show that compliance rules have been followed
  • Quality Monitoring - Calls can be reviewed to ensure that all clients have been dealt with professionally at all times
  • Performance Improvement - Recorded calls help staff to develop their telephone and telesales techniques
  • Conference Facilities - Share conference calls and online meetings with business colleagues

Total Call Recording Solution

CCRecord offers the full range of recording targets:

  • Extension Side - SIP, IPPT (Panasonic proprietary MGCP), PT (Panasonic proprietary digital), Analog
  • Trunk Side - SIP, Q.SIG, ISDN PRI, Analog

Centralized Multi-site Recording

CCRecord provides centralized call recording for multi-site PBX deployments. Each remote site is assigned with a separate call recording server, and the calls are managed by a single site using CCView.
Multi-site recording can be carried out at the trunk and/ or extension levels.

Q.SIG Recording Support

CCRecord Pro can record multiple PBX sites linked via Q.SIG protocol.

CCRecord and Payment Card Industry Data Security Compliance

In a Call Center, Customers are frequently asked to read their credit card information, CVV code, and expiration date to Call Center Agents. As a matter of fact, almost all Call Centers deploy call recording solutions, which are capturing and storing all of this sensitive Customer data. These recordings are accessible by a host of Call Center personnel and generally they did not fall under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

To address these concerns, the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council issued a revised recommendation about Call Center recordings. The bottom line is that companies can no longer store digital recordings that include CVV information if those recordings can be queried, and the recorded information shall be encrypted to assure secure access to the designated personnel only.

Poltys CCRecord is 100% PCI DSS compliant, providing start/stop recording feature at Agent level, mechanism that prevents the recording of sensitive Customer data, and strong encryption of all recorded information using AES 128 algorithm.

Automatic Notification on Failure

From now on you should not worried about the proper functioning of the call recording system.
CCRecord automatically notifies you by Email when something went wrong with the recording harness.

Thus you can isolate and fix the issue in next to no time, substantially minimizing the down time of the system.



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