Poltys Assistant

Poltys has developed a hosted business productivity application for Windows that represents an Agent productivity alternative to help you increase the employee’s productivity by integrating with the CRM system of your choice.

The Agent productivity tool help you manage your incoming calls and customer information easily using screen pops.

Basic call control is provided for your convenience.

There are two flavors of Poltys Assistant you may choose from according to your needs.


Hosted Poltys Assistant

  • Minimal application installed on Operator’s PC
  • CRM integration with pop-up contact information
  • Operator Presence via PBX line status and absent message
  • Built-in Operator Console-like operations
  • Advanced Call Control (hold, transfer, conference)
  • Click to dial and answer calls from any Windows application by hotkey
  • FWD/ DND settings
  • Provide by default CRM functionality by its internal DB stored in the Cloud

On-premises Poltys Assistant

  • Basic call control for user’s convenience
  • Start/ stop call recording for PCI compliance
  • CRM integration with pop-up contact information
  • Click to dial and answer calls from any Windows application by hotkey

Internal CRM

Both Poltys Assistant versions come with internal CRM functionality by default.


CRM Integration

Poltys Assistant fully integrates with MS Outlook by toolbar add-on.

Both Poltys Assistant versions integrate with external CRMs.

Custom CRM integration available – please, contact our sales team for confirming any specific CRM integration at sales@poltys.com or +1 (864) 642-6103.

Integration methods used by Poltys:

  • WEB interface
  • Standard integration interface exposed by CRM system
  • Direct access to the CRM database
  • Custom developed interface exposed by proprietary CRM system


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