Queue Announcer with Callback

Tell your callers how long they can expect to wait for an available agent and they will be more satisfied. Call Centers can reduce abandonment’s and increase customer satisfaction through effective, informative wait time announcements.

Poltys CCQueue Wait Time Announcer is a handy VoIP solution that uses real-time call center conditions to announce expected wait times for an agent to callers holding in queue and current position in queue.

Poltys released for general availability the new callback feature embedded into the Queue Announcer product.

Callbacks can do much more than just ease the pain of waiting time in queue:

  • Lower abandonment rates - Reduce customer dissatisfaction and repeat calling
  • Improve the customer experience - Increase brand loyalty and your bottom line
  • Decrease handle time - Increase agent efficiency and reduce costs
  • Smooth out volume spikes - Improve productivity and staffing requirements
  • Reduce Telco costs - Decrease toll charges and trunk costs

Callbacks have been proven to lower abandon rates by more than 30%

Call abandonment is on the rise as call centers are being asked to do more with less, while facing increasing call volumes, growing at 20% per year.

By employing a callback solution, customers can choose to receive a call when an agent is free, reducing abandonment and giving customers back what they value most – their time.

Eliminating queue waiting time improves the customer experience

It’s not surprising that 75% of consumers prefer the option of a callback to waiting on queue.

Most customers will tolerate being kept on queue but will lose patience quickly, resulting in an angry caller or worse, an abandoned call. Either way, the result is a poor customer experience, something no company can afford to take lightly.

Replacing queue waiting time with a callback improves the experience you provide to customers, exceeding their expectations and improving your bottom line.

Reducing spikes in call volume

Whether you regularly experience peak periods at your call center, or occasionally have spikes in call volume, callbacks can defer calls until volumes are more manageable. “Smoothing out” peak periods makes more efficient use of agents, improving call center productivity and reducing the need to hire additional resources.
It also reduces the number of repeat callers, further reducing spikes.

Callbacks are an insurance policy for your call center: When call volume spikes, you can rest easy knowing that you can handle the traffic.

Lowering Telco costs

When you keep a caller in queue, a PSTN line is occupied the whole time. Often, a toll-free DID at a premium per-minute rate.

Callbacks eliminate the need to keep lines open, removing the telco costs associated with the queue waiting time.

This also frees up lines, cutting down on trunk costs.




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