CCRecord Pro

  • Track telephony activity, employee productivity, security, and confidentiality - Track the total call volume, call duration and various other statistics for individual extensions and groups
  • Track employee calls - Track employees making toll free calls, potentially fraudulent calls and calls to competition to leak information
  • Track incoming calls - Track threat calls or 911 calls
  • Track eficiency of market advertisements - Analyze which advertising campaign provided the best return on investment
  • Provide proof of call/ liability - Proof of calls to protect against someone holding the business liable
  • Review a phone call - Search and listen to an important conversation with a client
  • Provide quality monitoring - Ensure that the employees are providing the right information to the customers and provide high quality service and support
  • Help on employee training - Provide a set of good and bad calls as a part of training to a new employee
  • Enhance Customer Experience - Ensure consistency and accuracy across your employees giving information over the phone
  • Ensure security - Isolate and listen to threatening calls coming into the company


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