DCC - Wireless Nurse Call System

A smart, efficient nurse call system can make nurses and administrators more productive, while raising the quality of patient care.

When empty beds equal lost revenue, resident satisfaction is more important than ever to maintain a profitable assisted living facility.

Direct Care Connect™ (DCC™) is the Poltys' wireless nurse call system designed for the entire range of eldercare and senior living, that provides: better workflow management, better care, happier residents, decreased expenditures.

DCC speeds up the overall response time to resident calls by prioritizing alarm notifications for proper caregiver response.

Moreover, DCC allows caregivers to call back the resident instead of walking to him/ her room. Automatic notifications empower caregivers to be more efficient, with prompt response times, as well as give Administrators and managers the power to track staff data and to evaluate their performance on a regular basis using real-time graphs and historical reports.

Poltys DCC components can integrate with a variety of healthcare communication systems to create quick and efficient alerting solutions.

For detailed infomation about the Poltys' Wireless Nurse Call System, please refer to DCC website.


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