CCAccounting EX


Enhanced Call Logging

The new solution provides all the data regarding inbound and outbound calls with advanced searching and filtering capabilities.

The new solution presents all referred devices during the call with their associated call legs with complete statistics. The quick search by strings feature with instant results accelerates the business processes within your organization.


Powerful Call Reporting

The powerful set of Microsoft Excel templates with graphic summaries and details plus ability to design new custom reports help you to always get the exact data you need, when you need it.

Billing by Agent Calls by Group
Basic Call Log General

Calls by Hour

Call Log General

Calls by Phone Number

Calls by Talking Time

Global Service Level

Calls by Talking Time by Day

Global Service Level by Day

Calls by Talking Time by Hour

Global Service Level by Hour

Calls by Waiting Time

Top Dialed Numbers

Calls by Waiting Time by Day

Top Received Customers

Calls by Waiting Time by Hour

Top Received Numbers

Calls by Agent

Transferred Calls by Agent

Calls by Day

Trunk Activity

Calls by DID

Un-returned Lost Calls

Calls by Extension



Enterprise Spread Solution

You no longer need to redo reports from multiple telephony sites to see all the activity within your organization. Multiple Panasonic PBXs that are networked together can be monitored with CCAccounting Pro.


Call Recording Add-on

Trunk Call Recording add-on taps call conversations that take place on different trunks either Analog, E1/T1 ISDN, or SIP. Call recording represents an essential component for every company that does care about staff training, reducing conflicts and avoiding potential liabilities.

You can easily search for a specific call recording by quick strings, extension, date and time, line number, caller ID information, calling name, and more.

Embedded audio player can reproduce the voice conversation of each call segment by its associated time offset.



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