Poltys CCView EX product is based on the latest Poltys EX productivity platform which is the perfect solution that allows you to track the Panasonic telephony system usage in call centers, helping to make correct business decisions. Providing web user interface, no application needs to be installed on the user’s PC to get the data you need in next to no time.

REAL-TIME CALL MONITORING provides you with a live dashboard view into the current activity of your call center. With one glance, you will know your current and historical CO call volume, and status of current active CO calls.

CALL LOGGING provides all the data regarding inbound and outbound calls with advanced searching and filtering capabilities.

CALL REPORTING provides call historical data organized to get the best overall view over the call statistics.

CALL RECORDING add-on that taps the call conversations that take place on different trunks, either Analog, E1/T1 ISDN, or SIP, brings more value to your organization.


Deployment Modes

Poltys CCAccounting EX solution can be deployed in two modes, depending on your communications infrastructure and available budget:

  • On-premises Deployment
  • Hosted on the Cloud

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Key Features

  • Cloud-hosted or on-premises solution
  • Compatible with Panasonic KX-NSX/ NS/ TDE/NCP/ TDA PBX series
  • Connect to multiple Panasonic IP-PBXs simultaneously
  • Web-based user interface
  • Full PBX real-time call monitoring, call logging, pinpointing all devices a call went thru until hang-up
  • Multiple predefined Excel report templates with graphic summaries and in-depth details
  • Increased functionality by Trunk Call Recording add-on
  • Reproduce the voice conversation of each call segment by its associated time offset



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