Call Accounting and Billing for Your Panasonic PBX

Saving more on telecommunications expenditures requires tracking and understanding usage, also known as Call Accounting. Comprehensive Call Accounting systems record thorough details on all inbound and outbound calls. Call Accounting systems are valuable to organizations with large customer service workforces, or a business model that uses telecom services to generate income.

Poltys has designed a cost effective call accounting solution to help you manage your telephony costs and observe your high-volume telephony traffic. With Call Accounting (CCAccounting), the supervisor can monitor and report telecommunication activity. CCAccounting collects incoming and outgoing telephone data generated by your phone switch and is used to control operation expenses, distribute costs and increase employee productivity.

The telephony data collected typically includes date, time, call duration, calling/destination parties, call authorization, account code and line/trunk information. CCAccounting uses this data to provide cost, caller identification, location information and more for report summary and detail generation.

The new call budgeting addition keeps you in control of operational costs related to outbound call campaigns.

Poltys’ CTI technology allows your supervisor(s) to manage multiple networked IP-PBX on a single application server. You no longer need to divert calls to handle spikes in call traffic, or remake reports from multiple systems to see all the activity within your organization. You can network up to 100 different Panasonic systems together maximizing your management and staff resources, regardless if the workers are using analog, digital or IP phones.

You can further improve on the telephony solution by adding other features such as an Integrated Voice Reponses Unit (IVR), which can be totally customize to fit any environment.

Whether your business is a law firm, medical facility, alarm company or any business that hold security in high regards, Poltys’ Recording Solution will help you secure recordings of all those important calls, with easy access to call reports that can be easily emailed to email recipients.


CCAccounting Features
  • Compatible with Panasonic KX-NSX/NS/TDE/NCP/TDA IP-PBX series
  • Web-based User Interface
  • Reliable communication with PBX via Panasonic CSTA (TCP/IP or USB)
  • Multi-language support with currency details for each country
  • Detailed cost report for each department (group) or extension
  • Outgoing call budgeting based on predefined PINs
  • Comprehensive reporting regarding system activity
  • Logging of entire phone system activity
  • Scheduled reports sent by email
  • Connect to up to 100 networked Panasonic IP-PBXs simultaneously


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