• Call Centers

  • Outbound Campaigns: With interface to their database (more make outgoing calls with more control and less staff.

  • Donations Solicitation: For political campaigns, churches, charities.

  • Outbound Ads Campaigns: For political campaigns, dispensing information.

  • Appointment Reminder: Automotive dealerships, hospitals, clinics, medical offices, dentist’s offices, can remind their clients/ patients of their appointments.

  • Phone Interviews: For HR departments.

  • Education: The IVR will automatically call you students and state the task of the day. Or the student/parents can call the IVR and obtain the same information.

  • Application Verification of Test results

  • Automated Testing

  • Drug Prescription Reminder Service (Pharmacies)

  • Advertising Services

  • Business Locator Service

  • Business To Business Services

  • Clinical Trials

  • Collections Payment

  • Communications Services

  • Community Information

  • Credit Card Companies

  • Customer Satisfaction Poll

  • Customer Services

  • Education Services

  • Emergency Information

  • Entertainment Schedules

  • Financial Information

  • Fund Raising and Volunteers

  • Government Information

  • Health and Fitness

  • Health Care Information

  • Human Resources Communication

  • Insurance Services

  • Marketing Information

  • Messaging Services

  • Mortgage Applications

  • Phone Surveys…and many more.


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