Dial Out Notification

Poltys Dial Out Notification is a handy and effective tool for notifying predefined recipients via PBX extensions, E-mails or cellular SMSs that an inbound and/or outbound call was placed to/ from a PBX extension.

Dial Out Notification allows you to protect for calling fraud by rejecting transfer and conference operations on predefined PBX trunks.

Additionally, it can log any SMDR or CDR information allowing you to inspect and export it to PDF or CSV files.



You can further improve your telephony solution by adding other features such as Direct Care Connect and Direct Care Monitor products.


Dial Out Notification Features
  • Compatible with Panasonic KX-TDA/TDE/NCP/NS IP-PBX series
  • Effective extension monitoring and control via CSTA protocol
  • Predefined hot number list
  • Predefined phone extensions, ACD groups, email addresses and cellular phone numbers to be notified
  • Predefined virtual trunk groups for transfer and conference allowance
  • Notification message contains the extension/ trunk and for inbound and/ or outbound calls
  • Provide supplementary CTI connection via CTIMUX for other Poltys CTI products
  • Allow/ reject calls based on monitored stations – monitored number matches
  • Allow/ reject either transfer or conference operations carried out on PBX trunks
  • Log SMDR or CDR information generated by the PBXs



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