Direct Care Monitor (DCM)

Poltys Direct Care Monitor (DCM) is a monitoring and reporting solution for telephony based Healthcare systems offering:

  • 911 Notifications

Visual and Audio Notification on Supervisor’s PC

Text Message Panasonic IP, Digital and Wireless Telephones

Email Notification

  • Real-Time Displays by Alarm Type
  • Historical Reporting of Alarm Activity
  • Call Accounting/ Costing Reports
  • Optional Call Recording (using CC Record Pro)



DCM bridges Panasonic TDA, TDE, NCP, or NS1000 PBX Systems with various telephony based Nurse Call Systems (wired and wireless).


You can further improve your telephony solution by adding other features such as Dial Out Notification and CCRecord Pro products.


DCM Features
  • Compatible with Panasonic KX-TDA/TDE/NCP/NS IP-PBX series
  • Real-time monitoring of caregiver ACD groups defined according to the alarm levels
  • Email notifications sent to personnel supervisor for each alarm encountered
  • Comprehensive alarms reporting
  • Email notifications sent to personnel supervisor for each alarm encountered
  • 911 emergency notifications
  • Real-time PBX call activity monitoring
  • Enhanced Counters and Timers management
  • Real-time performance graphs
  • Full PBX ACD statistics and reports
  • Predefined report templates for quick report generation
  • Call accounting and billing

Supervisor’s Reports

  • Caregiver Call Report
  • CO Call Log Report
  • Lost Calls Report
  • Agent Based CO Call Report
  • Call Trunk Report
  • Analysis Report
  • Agent System Report
  • Agent Report
  • Call Result Report
  • Presence Report
  • Agent Group Report
  • Call Group Report
  • Incoming Caller ID Report
  • Call Cost Report
  • Account Code Report
  • Ext Charge Report
  • Charge Report
  • Outgoing Dialed No Report
  • Department Report
  • CO Ext Report
  • Call DID Report
  • Intercom Extension Report



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