Call Recording

Poltys Call Recording is a unified solution for voice recording, quality assessment control, and archiving management.

It includes call tapping, analytics, integrated agent performance management, live agent monitoring and training together with agent evaluation and coaching for small to enterprise level users who demand quality and reliability at the best possible price.

Call recording is an essential medium for training, reducing conflicts and avoid potential liabilities. It protects sensitive data from fraud and leaks by using start/stop recording feature and strong encryption of the conversation, providing tamper resistant recordings.

Despite CCRecord, Poltys Call Recording does not use any CTI conection to PBX/ IP-PBX. The call control and voice media information is collected directly from the telephony line.

Key Features

  • Support any type of PBX/ IP-PBX systems
  • Record SIP trunks and UT extensions, digital ISDN, and analog calls
  • Up to 5 concurrent Supervisors supported
  • Configure restriction lists by Dialed/ DID numbers
  • Restrict call tapping and playback
  • Provide call log with caller Trunk Number, Caller ID, DID, and Dialed number information
  • Playback/ Export/ Email Records
  • Review records by Agent name, notes, risk level, and other specific tags supplied by Supervisor
  • Backup data automatically by predefined schedules
Managing Call History

You may search, sort, and filter the recorded calls based on multiple criteria for easy information retrieval.

The recorded calls may be exported to disk or sent to the intended recipient if necessary. Call conversations may be played back at convenience using the default Windows Media Player.

Reviewing Recorded Calls

Poltys Call Recording allows you to review the Call History records at any time by adding useful information in the specific fields, thus helping you to organize the call records for further reference and analysis.

The following fields are provided for call record reviewing purposes: Agent Name, Follow-up, Category, Call Notes, Tag, and Call Grades.

Restricted Access to Call Records

Poltys Call Recording allows you to block the access to the call history records based on a Supervisor user-dialed/ DID phone numbers filter.

This is useful when you need to grant access to certain voice records that shall be reviewed by the allotted supervising person only.


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