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IVR technology is most commonly found in call center companies seeking to improve customer service, reduce costs, and expand its call center operations.

This is because Poltys IVR can help your business:

  • Handle large volumes of calls
  • Customer service after hours
  • Improve customer service Reduce call center cost
  • Prioritize clients with urgent calls
  • Automate outbound campaign
  • Provide the caller with option to leave a message for further reference


Poltys CCAccounting EX is the perfect solution that allows you to track the Panasonic telephony system usage, helping to make correct business decisions.

Providing web user interface, no application needs to be installed on the user’s PC.

CALL LOGGING provides all the data regarding inbound and outbound calls with advanced searching and filtering capabilities.

CALL REPORTING provides call historical data organized to get the best overall view over the call statistics.

CALL RECORDING add-on that taps the call conversations that take place on different trunks, either Analog, E1/T1 ISDN, or SIP, brings more value to your organization.



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